KAAD is a non-profit statewide association advocating for public policies that work toward the uniformity of high quality and standards of practice in adult day services.
KAAD welcomes all interested individuals and groups who provide quality care to Adult Day Services, directly or indirectly. We want to learn about you! Together, we can provide the best possible care for the frail, elderly and disabled.
What could the Kentucky Association of Adult Day Centers do for you?
There is an endless list of the many benefits that KAAD offers its members, but just to name a few...
• The opportunity to create the future model of Adult Day Centers
• Timely information and analysis of legislative and regulatory issues and actions.
• A strong, professional network of experienced providers for ideas, support, and  
• Certificates for the completion of education and trainings.
• Membership certificates
• Our own website for information to share among members
• Continuing education units and training.
Just look over the bylaws and email Secretary/ Treasurer Cody Dapkus at cdapkus@forhorizon.com for a copy of the 2014-2015 Membership Application or if you have additional questions.
Fax Applications to:  859-624-5771

Mail Applications to:
Attn: Cody Dapkus
P.O. Box 572
Richmond, KY 40476